Thursday, April 22, 2010

Express yourself !!

Sometimes its easy to forget that animation, much like many other art is expression... its ideas...and most of all its opinion. When planning an animation, either to dialog or a mime, we are fundamentally making a statement about how we perceive and understand (creatively) the driving force of the scene and its characters. Its a little like writing a visual diary. Of course, its important not to go off willy-nilly expressing anything and everything… we need to be selective, and faithful to the scene / movie /story / character, but if there is ever a moment when you are given the opportunity to freely express what you feel – grab it! This is why many artists tend to have personal projects on the go - never underestimate the importance and fun of exploring your own ideas and opinions. Recognise that your artistic path does not have to be the same as everyone else’s. This can help us to develop our own personal style and flavour, and make our work unique. So if you have a good idea, or an interesting opinion.... say it loud and animate it proud – because who knows, it may be the next best thing.


Henk said...

If I turn that around you basicly say, it should be a sin NOT to express some idea or thought.

Dan Carey said...

Hey Henk, theres no right or wrong, i just mean to say an artists creative exploration is an important one, and when given the chance never be afraid to express your own ideas.

Olivier Ladeuix said...

unless they are very bad! ;-)
Good luck for your new adventures Dan, we will miss you!!