Tuesday, April 22, 2008

break stuff.

I admit i have been pretty lazy at updating my blog of recent. None-the-less here i am... writing some gibberish or another. AM is moving on swiftly, and doing an 8 hour day in games then coming home to sit on the computer again is proving to be a little easier than I had imagined. I find the key is to make sure i’m animating shots which get me jazzed, this way after a working day of animation i still have enough energy to pull out some hours in the evenings. Every so often i still get hit by the ‘lazy bug’, but how do i get out of that? Watch some of my favourite films and it soon gets me buzzing. Or in some cases it’s just good to take a break and place myself in a situation where I’m unable to think of anything else, (this usually involves riding down a hill side avoiding rapidly approaching trees). I guess the truth is, we all need a break sometime or another – otherwise without it our little heads would probably pop.