Saturday, February 23, 2008

The begining of the madness!

Hello you amazing people. You have just entered my blog – and you are more amazing for doing so!

I set up this blog some months back before starting Animation Mentor so that i could document my progress along the way – its been some time now so i best get cracking! I’ll also post up some random other pieces connected with animation along the way.

Well i must admit for a long time i have wanted to do Animation Mentor but could never justify the cost. I had already been through the animation education system, studying traditional techniques and then onto finding work in the games industry. However, i found myself continuously hitting a brick wall with my animations. therefore I took the plunged – sold a kidney or 2 and signed up with AM, and I must say.... its very good indeed! Much like anything in life, you get out if it what you are willing to put in – it provides some great tuition if you are willing to invest the time. Students get taught by professional animators who continue to work in the industry – at top studios, are taught the ‘real’ principles of animation and its around half the cost of a super god-like university – i can’t argue with that.

Without further ado – here are some of my recent weekly assignments.