Thursday, July 23, 2009

Changes in the wind...

changes changes... much has happened since my last post (10billions years ago). Firstly, Animation Mentor Graduation. Thats right folks, i made it to the end - and what a ride. As anyone who does animation will tell you its never easy but the rewards can be great. To finally meet my fellow students face to face was a real treat. I was lucky enough to pick up the award for Best Silent Acting, it briefly crossed my mind to do a mime for my speech but nerves had taken hold and reduced me to a stiff lump of wood. But in all seriousness the experience was incredible, and the AM events were full of heart and enthusiasm as always. There is something very special about meeting so many optimistic artists and mentors, great memories indeed and certainly more to come. During my visit I was also fortunate to get a tour and lunch at Dreamworks - what can i say to that?!?! - incredible! quite literally amazing, and once again i thank all who made that tour possible.

The second piece of good news, i'll be starting over at Double Negative this September. These guys are one of London's biggest VFX studios having done work on Hell Boy2, Dark Knight, Harry Potter... and more. Starting with 30 people and grew to 500 employees its definitely going to be a change from the small teams im used to in games, but i nervously and eagerly await the challenge! That's does mean i have to say goodbye to my buddies at Rare, who i'll miss dearly. Rare gave me my first shot as a professional animator for which i'll always be thankful for, i really do wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Goodbye my friends, but im sure we will meet again.