Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Its all about the idea guys... all about the ideas! Being able to animate at its most basic level is of course pretty essential, but once you have a grasp on these methods no amount of god like software (or drawing) skills will ever hide poor ideas or bad performance. Check out Matt Strangio's reel for an example of just how important ideas are - and the best part is, his first shot isn't even finished! A cracking character animation reel indeed.

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KineticDan said...

Heyhey dude!

Yeah I know exactly what you mean. It's really sad too when you see a reel that's full of great technique but just feels kinda bland. I reckon they're the ones that get passed up by HR too because HR probably respond more to a cool idea than solid animation...

Is that a Freudian slip in the title? Animators need ideals as well as ideas? :-P