Saturday, October 2, 2010

That Rigging Malarky

Yup its true, I have a weird taste for rigging – while im not particularly advanced I enjoy building virtual machines which come to be the characters we animate. I’m insanely against bloated and slow rigs and believe that a good rig should be expressive, relatively fast in realtime, and simple to animate.

Here is a little test video of my latest facial rig, this is by no means anything fancy. There are no expressions, no fancy node set-ups… this is simply the combination of joints and blendshapes connected through set-driven-keys. The real challenge has been trying to make the deformation as appealing as possible when posing. More testing needed, body rig to come…

I’d also like to thank Andy Thomas, Josh Burton and Dan Harris for their advice and encouragement along the way – thank you guys!!

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